Selecting a Source Disk or Partition

Select a disk or a partition that you want to copy.

If you select a disk, all its sectors (with all partitions) will be selected.

Disk Image: Copy Disk to Partition

Information in this list is presented in five columns.

  • Partition — The name of the hard disk or of the partition in the format <volume label>(<drive letter>)
  • Flags — The type of the partition. Options are:
    • Pri — Primary partition
    • Act — Active (bootable) partition
    • No flags indicate a logical drive
    • Capacity — The full partition size.
    • Used space — The size taken by current data stored in the partition. This shows the amount of data will be backed up.
    • Information — For a partition — the file system type. For a hard disk — the name on the BIOS.
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You can copy only one partition or disk at a time. You may select only one item